In the Name of the Father (1993)

It is never easy to write about a film with Daniel Day Lewis in it. I have never found it easy, though he is one of my favourite actors. What he brings to screen is beyond plain portrayal. There is something that he brings onscreen that makes you believe – even if you don?t. Then, if you consider the truth of the story behind In the Name of the Father, it is all the more painful.

It is rare occurrence that the entire cast gives a stellar performance; a rare chemical reaction.

Watching this film has been painful pleasure. And the pain hasn’t subsided since yesterday night. I didn’t even consider washing it off with a mindless film. One reason, of course, was that it was sheer pleasure at the same time. I felt I had to stay with it, if I ever wanted to know what went on there.

Pete Postlethwaite is, as always, sheer delight, you will remember him as Kobayashi of The Usual Suspects fame. The father-son interactions, throughout the film are a treat.

Definite watch, be prepared to remain disturbed for a while after you have seen the movie.


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