Midnight Run (1988)

There are a few movies that you can watch over and over again. There must be a good reason for it, which, I am yet to discover. Comedies, for example, after the punch has been delivered (many a times), why do we keep going back to them? Take the Classics; if every scene is firmly imprinted in our mind, why do we keep going back to them?

Midnight Run is one such film. I have seen it many times, and I saw it yet again, tonight. End-to-end. Robert De Niro‘s presence in the film is one of the obvious reasons. It is cultish, to say the least.

To see a thin Joe Pantoliano, some time before he became more famous with his role as Cypher, is a treat. You have to love him banging the phone on his desk. You have to love, a soft moment in an otherwise hard film, with De Niro and his daughter.

There is a sense of time travel about this movie, almost an anthropological journey to the eighties, that I adore. It is a wonderful unintended exposure about all things ’80s. Travel, clothing, sunglasses, food. Travel, mostly. Least of all, because it reminds me that you could smoke without being branded an outcast.

This is a Five Star!

Midnight Run (1988)


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