The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (2007)

There is something about a watching a movie with a bunch (a large one) of kids in a small theatre. They (the children) keep happily distracting me from watching the film. All the more fun when you are watching a fantasy film.

A larger part of memories about this film for me, would be the kid in the row ahead who kept very close to his mother all through the sudden instances of fantasy! It was fun to watch this brave kid, who knew all about the movie before it started, he was more curious about the projector, than the film itself.

This is a Free Willy-visits-Scotland-in-a-period-drama film, but I do not want to take away some very beautiful moments from The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. I’d prefer the Water Horse to the Orca Whale.

Alex Etel as Angus MacMorrow was convincing. Emily Watson as Anne MacMorrow didn’t have a lot to do, I suppose, which is a pity, if you remember her role in Angela’s Ashes. She is capable of doing much more.

The story itself isn’t a marvel, the usual friendship between a kid with some problem, and an unusual pet. Linked to the Loch Ness legend, this is a film better enjoyed without your intellectual self sitting beside you.

Have fun, be a kid again! 🙂

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (2007)

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