Old Fire Station Bar: Brentford


That is perhaps the keyword.

But then that would be an insult to all things old.

They do not know how to make a Vodka Martini (which I tasted, but did not have) and they definitely did not know how to make a Bloody Mary. They have this “special” horseradish flavour in a Bloody Mary that they make.

Side Note: Talking about a restaurant or a bar is always difficult and unfair really, because a lot of it boils down to personal taste. I know of a person who met his current girlfriend teaching a bartender (at some other bar) how to mix the perfect Vodka Martini. Was it the perfect Martini? Or was it to their taste?

In any case, I will pass the Old Fire Station at Brentford, for a Bloody Mary — definitely. The mix was watery to say the least and the horseradish taste was a big mystery that was to be solved till you finished the drink. And I didn’t find any clinical evidence of horseradish till the impoverished ice cubes made clinking sounds in the glass. You may agree, that the horseradish taste is one that is not easily missed.

I was hoping to give the link to the website for this award-winning bar (not the drinks – just the bar team), if you still wanted to check it out. In recent times, I have come to dislike people who do not design web sites for the Mac and its browsers. If you feel compelled, visit http://www.the-firestation.co.uk/

And, no, after just one round, when we left, the “award-winning-team” didn’t quite bother to check out why we left with such a sour taste in our mouth.

The pub nearby is a better alternative, if not for anything, then the friendly atmosphere.


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