The Saint (1997)

Sure, I have seen The Saint (1997) before, I haven’t waited eleven years to see this film. It was on TV, and not feeling like watching anything taxing, so The Saint fitted the bill very well for the night.

The first thing that came to mind towards the end of this film, was about how we tend to demean the Hindi “Masala” Movies. The Saint is a Masala Movie at its best — the only difference that it is a Hollywood production. Like the many unbelievable things in Hindi Masala Movies, The Saint has enough of its share. I realised, that it is just a fixation of Hollywood production that makes us compare and usually rate Hollywood films as better.

You don’t need your head or your heart to watch this film. Just sit and enjoy and allow the film’s universe to take on its own course. Enter a world of cute fantasy, and then, let go!

Val Kilmer is a nice guy, I like his work. He has done some nice roles, like in The Doors. Elisabeth Shue is passable. The stunts and thrills aren’t huge; they are acceptable.

Only if you have nothing better to do.


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