Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic, Osho

It was the most innocent pick-up of the year, I think. When I picked up Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic, by Osho, you could say, it was intuitive.

I am amused and smiling as I write the review. One of the resonating themes of the books is to let go of the shackles of the belief system(s) that you have adorned, imbibed and ingrained over the years. Whatever these may be – religious, spiritual, social or political.

Osho says in a section of the book – to be in the moment and not necessarily agree or disagree with what he says – just be with him him. Like you do not agree or disagree with a sunset or a rose, just be – do not agree or disagree. Significant social conditioning denies us this pleasure of being. The mind needs to settle everything in one of lobes.

So, I have nothing to tell you about the book. No experience is ever the same – especially with books and what we gain (or not) from them, this book is a shining candidate. I was just going along reading without thinking (which was a huge effort, I will admit).

In the end, it was an enjoyable experience.

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