Inglourious Basterds (2009)

There are some movies, if I see them in a theatre, I come out very quietly. Often times, these are violent. Most of the times, the movie isn’t boring. Often times, I say to myself (or to whoever accompanies me) that I need to get the DVD of this movie.

Inglourious Basterds was one such movie. I loved it at first shot; what can I say? And I want to see it many times over. Happened to me with Kill Bill (both volumes), happened to me with Death Proof). And I must say, it helped, that I saw Valkyrie (review pending), a few days ago. The mood was well set to continue in the WWII thought mode, with Germans involved.

There is something about this movie however, that was an away from the usual Quentin Tarantino stuff, yet the entire footage is marked with his unmistakable signature, which was absent. (Yes, yes, I do know what I am saying, this is a QT movie, remember?) There is classic QT in the met-presentation and in some of the micro-scenes.

Brad Pitt does a decent job, but the content, character, and charisma of Christoph Waltz’s role, doesn’t give a large canvass to the other players. Waltz has an extremely strong screen presence and does immense justice to QT’s vision. Mélanie Laurent was also a pleasure to watch, first time for me, especially in the scene where she first meets Goebbels.

Inglourious Basterds is master craftsmanship and the skill of this craftsmanship will be clearer as you see this movie a few times over.


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