Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Guy Ritchie’s films have one character about them: they remain with you.

The Robert Downey Jr. version of Sherlock Holmes, changes the paradigm of any Holmes version you may have seen. The good question the movie asks, is: why should Sherlock Holmes be the same character every time we have a new presentation? And it gives a wonderful answer.

Robert Downey Jr. is his usual amazing self, playing Sherlock with an attitude that only Downey Jr. can bring to the screen. I would love to know the “character brief” he would have got, when he started the movie. Hopefully the DVD will have this in the feature and I am looking forward to it. Having seen The Soloist (2009) (Review Pending) recently, I have increased respect for Downey Jr.’s performance.

Many may argue that the Jude Law version of Watson fell short of expectations; I’d disagree. The smart actor that he is, he always places his character in context of the other characters in the movie. To that effect, Jude Law has done a fabulous job.

There is little to find flaw, at least in the first view. The editing is smart and racy, the CGI-fx leaves no doubt for identifying where it was used. Over all, a must watch.

2 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes (2009)

  1. I want to watch the Soloist.

    I watched Sherlock Holmes. I loved the movie and I think the smartness, quirkiness and analytic mastery is well depicted. I know what you mean by challenging the character with each presentation. I think I am now warming up to the idea.

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