Road to Sangam (2009)

Low budget film. Winner of six international awards. I’d usually stay away from such a film. I have a tendency not to understand such movies. The Warrior (2001) was one such film, which I bought only because it had Irrfan Khan in it. Mighty disappointed with that.

But I was surprisingly pleased with Road to Sangam. Paresh Rawal is a great actor, though has tended to be a bit predictable in recent times. Yet he hasn’t lost the edge. His performance shines through. There are no facial contortions that would usually be a part of such a film — to display the anguish that the protagonist is going through. (potential spoilers ahead)

I liked the weave of the background and the plot, so to speak. I was not sure if the story about Gandhi’s ashes was rue, but a bit of time on Wikipedia tells me something like that happened. There are many movies today about the Muslim identity and culture and their place in India, which, I think do a disservice of sorts. By asking this question, they cast doubt for people who do not think it is an issue.

For those that are looking at this issue, this movie tries to see if the question of national pride and religion can be seen differently and I think that attempt is a good one. Once again, it is the weave of the context and the plot that enables this.

The music, for most part is background and does nothing to break your line of thought. Better, it works like a vehicle that carries you through the thought. The art direction is basic, not jarring and very relevant and real. The moments, though some feel cliched, are well captured – sensitive and emotional.

A good watch.

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