Raavan (2010)

If I have a choice, give me Isha Sharvani in Kisna over Aishwarya Rai in Raavan. At least Isha does real gymnastics.

And if you have a choice (I am addressing the casting directors, here) please do not cast her in any film. If you do have to cast for any reason, please make sure she doesn’t dance. And for any reason, if you cannot stop her from dancing, please, please, do not make her shriek! Give her the role of a mute.

I have no idea if Raavan is a good film, I was under huge mental stress the moment she stepped in the frame. It didn’t matter what she did (or not), but I was completely unable to concentrate on anything due to a high level of stress watching her dance (I checked; they call what she does dance; they should have a different name for it, just to avoid confusion) or watch her shriek. But then everybody was shrieking in the film.

That’s the only thing that I noticed. Apart from the shrieking.

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