Educational philosophies of Swami Vivekananda and John Dewey; D. Vijaya Bharathy

While the subject matter of the book is quite interesting, the presentation and the format of the philosophies, leave much to be desired. For one, the book has apparently not been copy-edited. Spelling mistakes and bad sentence construction abound. Most sections are toxic repetitions, for no apparent purpose.

Since this is a comparative study, you would expect some level of academic and analytical exposition of various attributes of the the philosophies of these two great thinkers of education. The last section, where the comparison is done, is done at a very objective, almost binary level. To someone, who may have an objective-type question paper to answer, this may serve as a good textbook, but for someone trying to understand, internalise and look for a critique of these two thinkers, there’s nothing in the book.

It is doubly unfortunate that while there is a significant body of content that can come from Indian academia —  it is lacking, and; that whatever literature we may find in these subjects is way below quality in content as well as presentation. I do not recommend this book to any serious reader — you are better off reading their biographies and philosophies separately and comparing them yourselves.

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