Amongst Women; John McGahern

Wonderful read.

Amongst Women has been lying with me for sometime now and I have no idea why I ever picked it up or why I took so long to start (and finish) it. As far as searching and delving into human understanding goes – this has to make the list.
On the face of it, it’s a relationship between a father and his children. When we talk about the children, there are three daughters who are always with him and two sons with whom he has a difficult relationship; the difficulty of the relationship is compounded with his personal history that we are never completely aware of. I wonder, however, if it is just that, or the underlying theme – the lack of male company – that the father craves, yet denies himself.This books a sine-wave-form of emotions of a family – very simply presented. But at almost every paragraph there is a subtle, in-depth exploration, which, as you progress along, you discover is never long-lasting. It’s a tease, almost, that leaves you to delve into your own thoughts. Things change along the time line whether you expect them to or not.

It makes you want to know people better.


4 thoughts on “Amongst Women; John McGahern

    • Thank ye! It has been a while, since I have read such wonderful fiction. Very visual, I missed saying! 🙂 (I was a bit surprised why your comment went into moderation, did you use different credentials?)

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