Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; John le Carré

12512131Culture. At the end, that word resonated for a while. Perhaps it is about the profession or perhaps it is about the ease with which we move around the world and understand the story. But of course, the book was not about that.

For a long time, I put off seeing the movie (based on this book) till I read the book. Finally, I have.

It’s an absolutely wonderful visual journey and I am inclined to say that is a visualizer first and story-teller second. Visualisation not just of the scenes or the details, but of the human landscape, textured with our tainted pasts, potential futures, and indeterminate emotions.

The language and presentation influences the thinking eye, if we do have such a thing, and ushers you ever so gently to the purpose of the writer. I am hard-pressed to think of many other writers who can do that. Few, but definitely not many.

I must say, I am very glad that this book reintroduced me to fiction and reminded me that good stories have their own place in life.

When you have a master story-teller, oh, even better.


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