Why Are You Being Educated; J. Krishnamurti


Big ideas come in small books.

That’s one thing that this book (like so many other small books) will tell you. Because it is a collection of talks given at universities there is a tendency to expect the kind of speeches from other folks given at various universities around the world.

You’ll be in for a surprise.

J Krishnamurti in his unique style, talks to students about ‘why they are being’ educated without any answer. So, again, you are in a surprise if you are looking for something “inspirational”. It’s not an answer-book. It is more of a question-book. The questions are full of purpose and have a foggy big-picture lurking somewhere. But you would do well to stay away from this book if you seek talks on the lines of ‘stay hungry, stay foolish.’

The texture of the talks often becomes difficult to drive over, JK uses very simple language at all times, and some times when you are having a smooth ride along his talks, he speaks of something, in the same style, which makes you brake, reverse, and drive again, slowly.

Also, because these are talks given over fifteen years, the content of the last couple of talks are repetitive. In a way, you could surmise that none of the students, who heard the first talk in 1969, did anything worthwhile, right up to the students he spoke to in 1984.

Having said that, there are gems scattered all over the book, which you will discover, if you open this book with an open mind.


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