Vinayak Damodar Savarkar’s ‘Strategic Agnosticism’; Wolf, Siegfried O.

The Internet is a funny place. One minute you are listening to wonderful music, searching lyrics, translations and such and the next minute, you are reading an article on “Strategic Agnosticism.”

How I stumbled upon this article is another story, but that I did stumble upon is what’s interesting. Most of Veer Savarkar’s writing is in, what I call, difficult Marathi, which means that it is almost impossible for me to read it in good time and understand it without having to reach for a dictionary every third sentence. This relatively short paper (20 pages) was a good overview of his philosophical leanings. It is worth a read, if social and political philosophy interests you, and if you would consider getting to know this thinking in an objective way.

Download the PDF from the The Heidelberg Document Repository [PDF 1 MB]



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