The Future of the Curriculum: School Knowledge in the Digital Age; Ben Williamson

17349916In an age and time where curriculum design is guided more by political compulsions rather than the needs of the society of today and of the future, this report is am important analysis of the environment in which curriculum is designed as well as the factors which help support the needs of the future.

The report examines various innovations in curriculum design and form. As digital becomes a pervasive aspect of our lives and an irreplaceable factor of future generations, the need to recast curriculum as a framework and not content structures has become important.

What then should guide us? That’s what this report looks at, while analysing “movements” that:

“represent a new “style of thought” about the school curriculum for the digital age.”

While it may seem that this report has a specific audience, that of policy makers and educators, it is an invaluable resource for teachers and parents, to understand the impact of curriculum on the society of tomorrow. In fact, that is one of the takeaway of the report.

If the report seems technical (which it is not), I would recommend reading the Conclusion which is a very good summary of the report.

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