Marxism Today: The Forgotten Visionaries Whose Ideas Could Save Labour; John Harris

I would imagine that you would need to have some interest in British politics, if this article is to become an interest read. My interest, however, has stemmed from some recent books that I have read. And even with a very basic understanding of British politics, this article came across as interesting. Some excerpts:

In leftist circles today, one frequently hears the argument that the world was changed for ever by the crash of 2008. But a much older point has still to be satisfactorily answered: has the left ever really understood the consequences of the economic and political changes that began to reveal themselves in the 1970s, defined the 1980s, and have been hugely accelerating ever since?

A 34 min read. If it interests you!

The conversations at Wortley Hall touched on the decline of class politics, new conceptions of identity more complex than the hoary category of “worker”, how an insurgent women’s movement had highlighted huge changes to the fabric of everyday life, the rising importance of green politics, the increasing expectation of personal autonomy – and how seemingly unstoppable forces were weakening the traditional nation state. While the right had turned these changes to its advantage, far too much of the left still lived in a world that was fast disintegrating beneath its feet.

Via The Guardian | Marxism Today: the forgotten visionaries whose ideas could save Labour


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